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* Do you know the most popular DNS attack types?

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The different DNS attack types are made and target specifically the Domain Name System (DNS), which originally was not created with any security traits. When such attacks occur, the victim is experiencing severe downtime. The consequences after that are even worse. For instance, if a large company is under a DNS attack, that could lead to massive financial and reputation losses. Neither one organization wants angry and unsatisfied customers. Sometimes the reason behind an attack could also be extortion or revenge.

There are various different DNS attack types. Some of them are more popular than others. However, all of them are dangerous, and it is crucial to learn more information about them.

DDoS Amplification is one of the most common DNS attack types. The attacker takes advantage of the weak spots in the Domain Name System (DNS) and shifts originally small DNS queries into massive loads of traffic. That way, the server of the victim becomes unable to operate properly, and it is not capable of answering the DNS queries of the regular users.

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